Sonata raids in the „Smart Wearable“ category with „Stride“

Sonata raids in the „Smart Wearable“ category with „Stride“

20. November 2019 0 Von Horst Buchwald

Sonata raids in the „Smart Wearable“ category with „Stride“

New Delhi, 20.11.20219

The watch brand Sonata from Titan has entered the Smart Wearables category with a series of hybrid smart watches „Stride“. The watches are available in two versions: Stride and Stride Pro. They offer a variety of intelligent features that help to introduce a healthier lifestyle at affordable prices from 295 rupees.

Stride smartwatches combine smart features with the elegant aesthetics of an analog clock, making it a versatile lifestyle accessory. The range includes six variants with smart features for following steps, calling alerts, locating the phone, activating the camera, etc. All six versions reflect the sensitivity of the current design with clean dials, rich leather and elegant black casings a feature-rich product.

Sonata marketing director Utkarsh Thakur said: „With Stride, Sonata is building on its commitment to provide tangible, relevant benefits to its customers and to democratize functions and styles that are limited to one part of the market. Stride offers a variety of smart features at first-tier prizes, making Smart accessible to all. „

Sonata Stride helps maintain a healthy lifestyle by logging daily activity through the built-in Activity Tracker. Users can track steps, calories burned and sleep quality. In addition, Stride has a seatbelt warning feature. They are reminded to move if there are no activities for a certain period of time.

„Today, declining fitness levels are inevitable due to sedentary lifestyle. Due to many limitations, the beginning of our fitness trip is very slow. The solution: daily fitness with activities such as hiking, cycling, gardening, etc. Stride helps seamlessly track these everyday activities. This trendy smartwatch helps make conscious choices for a healthy lifestyle, „Thakur added.

The watch is powered by the Sonata Stride Mobile app, which is user-friendly, intuitive, and compatible with Android version 5.0 and higher. iOS version 11 and higher.