Google: Generative – AI Tools for Workspace Products

Google: Generative – AI Tools for Workspace Products

17. March 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

Google: Generative – AI Tools for Workspace Products

San Francisco, 3/17/2023

Google it’s bringing generative AI technology to its Workspace products, said with AI-enabled writing capabilities in Gmail and Google Docs. The latter features will roll out to a limited number of US testers this month. For example, testers can check Gmail’s AI to automatically compose an email, or use the AI in Docs to polish meeting summaries.

The Workspace productivity suite is used by a fast 3 billion people, including individual and corporate users. For example, in Sheets, AI automatically creates formulas. Slide’s AI will be able to automatically generate images, audio and more for presentations.

Google emphasizes that it will open the AI writing tools in Gmail, Docs and other apps to the public later this year.

The AI tools are based on Google’s large language model known as PaLM (Pathways Language Model). PaLM also forms the basis for other newly announced Google Cloud services covering new tools and APIs for developers.

This includes the PaLM API and its associated MakerSuite, an environment for developers building apps to test generative AI projects. Google has stated that it will also add generative AI to Vertex AI, its platform for enterprises to build and deploy AI and ML applications at scale using its models.

Google Cloud’s Generative AI App Builder enables developers and business users to create AI apps like chatbots “in minutes or hours.”

The App Builder and Vertex AI update are also rolling out to a limited number of testers, including Totoya and Mayo Clinic, starting today.

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