Microsoft: Every tool from the company will soon run on ChatGPT technology

Microsoft: Every tool from the company will soon run on ChatGPT technology

19. March 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

Microsoft: Every tool from the company will soon run on ChatGPT technology

San Francisco, 3/19/2023

After Microsoft recently added its AI assistant to Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, which is based on ChatGPT technology, Microsoft 365 Copilot was equipped with it as another tool.

Microsoft 365 is a workplace and productivity software. It includes a Copilot text box in its apps where users can ask the AI to perform tasks like writing an email. To provide answers, the system accesses user data, such as past emails and documents, through Microsoft 365 accounts.

To increase the relevance of its results, Copilot’s large language model can be trained on data from individual companies.

In one presentation, Copilot could write an email in Microsoft Outlook to invite friends to a graduation party.

A presentation was created in PowerPoint about a graduate using photos from his OneDrive account.

Another demo showed how Copilot created a business proposal in Microsoft Word and added a summary and FAQ element to the document. This suggestion was then used in Word to create a PowerPoint presentation.

In Microsoft Teams, Copilot can create a transcript and summarize meetings that a user can’t join. Users can also chat with the bot to ask follow-up questions about the meeting.

Copilot in Excel can automatically create charts and analyze sales data.

What’s next:

Microsoft said 20 of its enterprise customers are now testing Copilot, although it plans to make it available to more users “in the coming months.” Whether the AI functions in Microsoft 365, which includes the programs formerly known as Microsoft Office as well as OneDrive, Teams and more, will incur additional costs has remained open for the time being. Microsoft still warned that Copilot was best used for “first drafts” and “starting points.”

“Sometimes Copilot will get it right,” said Jared Spataro, Microsoft VP of Modern Work and Business Applications. “Other times it will be usefully wrong and give you an idea that isn’t perfect but will still give you a head start.”

Microsoft is accelerating user access to its new Bing AI, instantly opening the GPT-4 based search offering to most people who sign in. The company appears to have unofficially removed the waitlist for the chat-enabled search engine, although the sign-up page still shows a “Add to Waitlist” button.

TechCrunch and other media companies that tried to get on the waitlist were given instant access to the new Bing through most of the email IDs they used.

In a statement, Microsoft said Bing AI remains in preview mode, although the company is “conducting various tests that could speed up access to the new Bing for some users.”

According to Microsoft, the new version of its search engine has been running an early version of GPT-4 for five weeks. Also, the Bing chatbot has been updated to allow 15 questions per session and a maximum of 150 sessions per day.

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