US and EU: AI – Code of Conduct coming soon

US and EU: AI – Code of Conduct coming soon

1. June 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

US and EU: AI – Code of Conduct coming soon

Brussels, 06/01/2023

The US and European Union are about to release a voluntary “code of conduct” for AI, which other countries could adopt as a stopgap measure before permanent rules come into force.

During Wednesday’s Trade and Technology Council meeting, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said allies agreed that adoption of the code was “extremely urgent”. It is open to all “like-minded countries”. According to EU technology chief Margrethe Vestager, a draft can be expected “within weeks”.

She stressed the importance of showing that democracies can abide by the AI rules and stressed the desire to include as many countries as possible, including Canada, the UK, Japan and India.

Although no details of the code were available, leaders stressed the need for optional rules as China poses a threat and technology is accelerating at a pace that is “unimaginable”.


The initiative aims to address some of the AI risks as EU lawmakers work on comprehensive AI regulations that are expected to take effect by 2025 or later.

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