US President Biden: Ki has ‘an incredible opportunity, but…’

3. June 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

US President Biden: Ki has ‘an incredible opportunity, but…’

Washington, 6/2/2023

US President Joe Biden said he had himself. During an opening remarks Thursday at an Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, Biden emphasized that while AI represents an incredible opportunity, there are also significant challenges and “much to be done.” That’s why he recently met with leading AI scientists who expressed concerns that AI could one day surpass human thinking. Acknowledging the rapid transformation of AI, which has the potential to reshape future conflicts, Biden said making necessary decisions will not be easy.

Concerns about AI were raised this week by hundreds of scientists, technology executives and public figures who issued a statement comparing the risks of AI to those of nuclear war and pandemics.

In May, the Biden administration announced a $140 million investment from the National Science Foundation to create seven new AI research institutes in the United States, bringing the total to 25.

The research centers will apply AI in areas such as public health, climate change and agriculture. The White House Office of Administration and Budget said it would also issue draft policy guidance on how federal agencies can use AI tools. Public feedback is expected this summer.

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