Samsung presents roadmap for 2-nanometer chips

Samsung presents roadmap for 2-nanometer chips

29. June 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

Samsung presents roadmap for 2-nanometer chips


Seoul, 6/29/2023


Samsung has released an ambitious timeline for migrating its chip applications to the 2-nanometer manufacturing process. The first are processors for mobile devices. Production of 2-nanometer chips is scheduled to begin as early as 2025. In 2026, Samsung plans to expand the manufacturing process to include high-performance applications.

The move to the smaller structures is expected to boost the processors’ performance by up to 12 percent and improve efficiency by 25 percent (compared to the 3-nanometer process that will be introduced in 2022).

According to Samsung, the 2-nanometer chips will be followed by processors with 1.4-nanometer structures. Their production is scheduled to begin as early as 2027. In 2027, Samsung also wants to offer the process for automotive chips.


The size specification 2 nanometers refers to the channel length of the transistors that make up a chip. Modern processors consist of several billion transistors – the smaller the channel length, the more transistors can be accommodated on the same chip area. More transistors, in turn, usually mean more power.

Samsung’s chip subsidiary Samsung Foundry does not only produce semiconductors for its own needs. The electronics group also works as a contract manufacturer for other companies such as Qualcomm, which do not have their own chip production or need additional capacities.

After 2025, the new manufacturing process is to be extended to other areas of application. 2-nanometer processors for high-performance computing are to follow in 2026.

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