Salesforce announces Einstein Copilot and Einstein 1 Data Cloud

Salesforce announces Einstein Copilot and Einstein 1 Data Cloud

20. September 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

Salesforce announces Einstein Copilot and Einstein 1 Data Cloud
San Francisco, September 20, 2023

Salesforce announced the Einstein 1 platform at Dreamforce 2023. It includes new features for Data Cloud and Einstein, all built on Salesforce’s metadata framework. Companies can use it to securely connect all data to the AI-powered CRM and create AI-powered apps with low-code.
Einstein 1 forms the foundation for the next generation of all Salesforce CRM applications and now includes Einstein Copilot – a conversational AI assistant and the associated development tool Einstein Copilot Studio. At the same time, Salesforce provides the Einstein 1 Data Cloud, which is natively integrated into the Einstein 1 platform.

Einstein Copilot is a new and trusted out-of-the-box conversational AI assistant that will be integrated into the UI of every Salesforce app. The assistant is intended to increase productivity by directly supporting users in their work processes. It allows them to ask questions in natural language to get relevant and trustworthy answers based on secure, proprietary company data from the Salesforce Data Cloud.
The Einstein Copilot Studio is a simple new way for companies to customize Einstein Copilot with specific input commands, skills and AI models. Einstein Copilot Studio also offers the ability to configure Einstein Copilot for use in other consumer-facing channels such as websites, real-time chat, Slack, WhatsApp or SMS. Slack is a subsidiary and application that is integrated into all Salesforce clouds.
Einstein Copilot and Einstein Copilot Studio are scheduled to enter the pilot phase this fall. You will work within the Einstein Trust Layer, a secure AI architecture natively integrated into Salesforce. This is intended to enable companies to generate higher quality AI results.

According to Salesforce, Einstein Trust Layer is a secure AI architecture that is natively integrated into the Salesforce platform. Designed for enterprise-level security standards, Einstein Trust Layer enables teams to benefit from generative AI without putting their customer data at risk. At the same time, companies can use their trusted data to improve generative AI responses.

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