Defects and glitches in AI-supported new products

Defects and glitches in AI-supported new products

24. September 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

Defects and glitches in AI-supported new products

New York, September 24, 2023

According to the Washington Post, the AI-powered products announced by Google, Amazon and OpenAI have numerous flaws and glitches, suggesting rushed development and adoption. Despite the risks, companies are rapidly adopting AI amid intense competition in the generative AI sector, the publication said.

• According to the post, Google’s Bard chatbot, which can aggregate Gmail and Google Docs files, was reportedly creating fake emails that were never sent.

• After OpenAI introduced the Dall-E 3 image generator this week, social media users noticed missing details in images during official demos.

• Amazon also introduced a conversation mode for Alexa, but ran into problems during demos, including suggesting a museum in the wrong location to the Washington Post.

• The companies have emphasized that their AI systems are still a “work in progress” and said they have built in safeguards, such as those that prevent the generation of offensive or biased statements.

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