Adobe presents exciting AI tools

Adobe presents exciting AI tools

12. October 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

Adobe presents exciting AI tools

New York, October 12, 2023

Adob’s new AI models and features for its generative AI image creation service Firefly. Adobe says Firefly users have already created three billion images using its tools, including one billion in the last month.

Adobe introduced its Firefly Image 2 model. This text-to-image tool produces high-quality images, especially in areas such as facial features, skin texture and foliage. It is available in beta through Adobe’s Firefly website.

The company’s Vector model generates vector images and helps designers create line-based objects for editing in Adobe Illustrator.

The final design model, initially available in Adobe’s web-based Express tool, creates projects such as flyers or invitations. It’s aimed at advertising and marketing professionals to create customizable templates for print, video, social media and more.

The new tools feature Generative Match, a feature that generates images from short text descriptions and allows users to use up to 20 uploaded images as the basis for the generated content.

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