AI strategy studio

AI strategy studio

20. February 2020 0 By Horst Buchwald

AI strategy studio


Are you confident in your AI strategy?

New for 2020: EmTech Digital presents the AI Strategy Studio, an expert-driven pre-conference workshop on real-world, high-impact AI implementations from organizations at the heart of the AI revolution.

– Intuit
– JP Morgan Chase
– LinkedIn
– McKinsey Global Institute
– OpenAI
– Stripe
– Verizon Ventures
– Walmart

Join us March 23-25 for EmTech Digital and register for this add-on, exclusive networking lunch and half-day program where you will hear the inside stories from leading organizations about how they have integrated AI into their processes, products, and services. Learn from their experiences and extract best practices to stay a step ahead with your own AI implementation plans.

Reserve your spot today.

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