Miso Robotics and CaliGroup offer new tools for better health standards in restaurants

Miso Robotics and CaliGroup offer new tools for better health standards in restaurants

2. April 2020 0 By Horst Buchwald

Miso Robotics and CaliGroup offer new tools for better health standards in restaurants

New York, 2.4.2020

Miso Robotics, a start-up company developing robots that can perform basic cooking tasks in commercial kitchens, announced today that it has implemented new tools for its platform in CaliBurger restaurants as part of an advanced approach with CaliGroup to improve health and safety standards.

The goal is to minimize the risk of infection for guests and delivery personnel during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Over the next few weeks, Miso, in collaboration with payment provider PopID, will install a thermal-based screening device at a CaliBurger location in Pasadena, California, which will be attached to doors to measure the body temperatures of people entering the restaurant. Staff, delivery drivers and guests will also need to have their faces scanned. If fever is detected, the building must not be entered.

“This technology could also be used in other buildings, offices, apartments and business premises,” a miso spokesman said by e-mail.

“Wider acceptance could be used to identify hot spots in the spread of COVID-19 and other transmissible viruses within the population and regions, and serve as a source of information for officials seeking to identify initial sources of the outbreak”.

Fever detection is a trend. Several companies, including Austin-based Athena Security, have begun using cameras to detect people with COVID-19 using thermal imaging. The Ramco Innovation Lab in Singapore recently unveiled a facial recognition-based system with integrated temperature recording, and in China authorities have reportedly used drones to detect signs of fever.

Miso also says it will install physical PopID terminals so guests can conduct transactions without touching a control panel, with cash or swipe a credit card – all of which can transmit pathogens. Customers will also be able to pay with PopPay on the CaliBurger website.

According to Miso, CaliBurger intends to implement these technologies in all its restaurants.

Miso has long claimed that Flippy – and Flippy’s successor, Miso Robot on a Rail (ROAR) – can increase productivity by working with people instead of replacing them completely. Miso AI, Miso’s cloud-based platform of the same name, orchestrates the preparation of over a dozen foods, including chicken dishes, chicken wings, potatoes, French fries and waffle fries, cheese sticks, potato wedges, corn dogs, popcorn, shrimp and chicken, and onion rings.

Miso claims that thanks to a combination of cameras and security scanners, ROAR can prepare hundreds of orders per hour, receiving frozen food and cooking it without the help of a human team member. It alerts nearby staff when orders are ready to be served and performs tasks such as scraping grills, draining excess frying oil and skimming oil between frying operations by detecting and monitoring items such as baskets and burger patties in real time. In addition, the software can be integrated with point-of-sales systems (via Miso AI) to automatically route orders and optimize the tasks to be performed. https://misorobotics.com/

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