Robotic lawnmowers – useful helpers in the garden?

Robotic lawnmowers – useful helpers in the garden?

29. April 2020 0 By Horst Buchwald

Robotic lawnmowers – useful helpers in the garden?

Berlin, April 29, 2020

I look into the neighbor’s garden and see the robotic lawnmower gliding silently over the lawn and wonder if I am still up to date with my rattling lawnmower?

A robotic lawnmower – wouldn’t that also be something for us? Clear. But our property is different from that of the neighbor – there are no slopes, no flower beds and no toys that are lying around. Or does the Robo not care?

I stand at the fence and think: There is no car so there is no one. How about if I just borrow it? For a little test? Nobody notices. Yes, it starts there: how can you secure these things? I don’t want to buy another watchdog or expensive video cameras. No, the thing must be secured intelligently.

I question the smart internet. Here is the result of my in-depth analysis: there are “stupid” thieves who only take the robo with them. But without a charging station and boundary wire, it is worthless. The smarter pack everything – even if it takes longer and the risk of getting caught increases.

Now there are also stupid and clever robots. This is what is meant: they are secured by a pin code. Some without and the good ones with a lift sensor. This means that a robot with a lifting sensor wants the secret code within a few seconds, otherwise it triggers an alarm. Then we also offer: GPS tracking. In rare cases you get the stolen comrade back, usually it doesn’t help. There is still the theft insurance – provided these devices are not already covered by the household insurance.

The robot is not harmless because it has a cutting mechanism. If the device tips over and the knives continue to run, there is a risk of injury – especially for children who react too late or do not see the danger. That means: such a device should generally switch off when it is raised so that fingers or arms are not injured – e.g. when a ball rolls under the device and a child reaches for it in the heat of the moment.

Do not buy an oversized device. The scale is the garden size. If the surface is also angled and there are inclines, the robot needs scope, because it has to orientate itself here longer.

Finally, two points that are often overlooked: 1. Don’t let the lawn grow too high. Actually logical: The robot is unsuitable for clearing a jungle. 2. the robotic lawnmower has no self-cleaning. Man has to do that.

Where’s Artificial Intelligence?

It is obvious: All robotic lawnmowers that are currently tending the lawn have no artificial intelligence, but stubbornly work according to a pre-installed program. The device is not learning.

But it is obvious: if there are autonomous cars on our roads, would it be a piece of cake to produce a kite-controlled robotic lawnmower? In principle, yes. However, nothing is currently on offer. If you wait a little, you could get it in September.

The robo is called “Toadi” and you can admire it here and possibly pre-order it:

In short: self-driving (that means: he recognizes all objects or obstacles as well as a flower bed), night vision camera, no perimeter wire necessary, all-terrain off-road tires.

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