When Tesla on-board computers end up in garbage cans

When Tesla on-board computers end up in garbage cans

5. May 2020 0 By Horst Buchwald

When Tesla on-board computers end up in garbage cans

New York, May 5, 2020

After Tesla recently carried out two major upgrades for their on-board computers, many were offered for sale on eBay. The problem: the providers had apparently forgotten to delete the hard drives of the on-board computer. As a result, a lot of confidential information, user names for Spotify and passwords were accessible.

A hacker who found several such computers in garbage cans, among other things, informed Tesla about this breakdown. The automaker informed him that an investigation into the problem had been initiated. Tesla indicated that the hard drives should be erased before throwing them away.

A little later, more information became known via Twitter and other social media. Then rubbish containers are systematically searched for these objects by certain people and, if successful, sold to resellers or posted on eBay. Such on-board computers are also said to be offered by Testla employees.

As insiders report, this problem won’t just go away. Because in the next few months hundreds of thousands of outdated Tesla on-board computers will probably be modernized. In this case, Tesla should soon establish a uniform procedure for how vehicle owners can dispose of their on-board computer and remedy the data leak.

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