Cybersecurity – these are the biggest challenges in 2021

Cybersecurity – these are the biggest challenges in 2021

27. January 2021 0 By Horst Buchwald

Cybersecurity – these are the biggest challenges in 2021

New York, Jan. 27, 2021

1. one thing is certain: In the future, more and more people will work from their home offices using video conferencing software like Zoom. Because traditional IT security architectures are not prepared for employees accessing cloud applications from outside the corporate network, SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a completely new network and security architecture. It provides network and security functions in a convergent, cloud-based platform – and “zooms in” on IT security. With such a platform, anyone, regardless of location, can use cloud applications securely and efficiently.

2. the increased use of home office activities has led many employees to be

proved to be “very creative” in the event of problems. However, in doing so, they neglected to take the necessary security measures. This will force many companies to implement measures that ensure comprehensive IT security without limiting employee productivity.

3. The growth of data volumes continues to be enormous. As a result, IT security can no longer do without machine learning. As a result, IT security solutions are increasingly making automated decisions based on AI algorithms. However, since many algorithms are a black box, they are very difficult or impossible to verify. It is therefore still an open question how these processes are to be checked, e.g., from an ethical point of view.

4 A source of danger that should not be underestimated is “insiders as a service.” The starting point is the fact that there are no longer any physical controls in the virtual working world. Cybercriminals exploit this in the following way: On the dark web, “insiders as a service” can be booked, hired by companies with the aim ‘ of stealing data and valuable intellectual property for their clients.

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