SMS with a dangerous link attacks Android smartphones

SMS with a dangerous link attacks Android smartphones

28. January 2021 0 By Horst Buchwald

SMS with a dangerous link attacks Android smartphones

Hanover, January 27, 2021

The Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office warns of a nasty SMS that contains a dangerous link that is used to distribute malware on smartphones that are equipped with the Android operating system.

The attack is done in this way:

Smartphone users receive an SMS with the following text: “Your package has been sent. Please review and accept. http: //v… “. (Link shortened, but the links always end on “”).

If you click on the link, you will immediately download malware onto your mobile phone. The attacker presumably uses them to send and receive SMS and to remotely control the smartphone. Affected users report that they “received several hundreds of text messages from different phone numbers throughout the day,” all of which contained the same message. ”

For their attack, the attackers are obviously taking advantage of the fact that in the Corona crisis, many people have goods delivered to their homes and therefore expect parcels.

So your smartphone stays safe

• Check every SMS (and e-mails) that contain a link to see whether they came from a friend you can trust. If the sender is not on your contact list, you should be careful. Research the sender. If you do not come to a plausible result, move the shipment to the spam folder.

• Very important on Android devices: Do not install software from other (unofficial) sources than Google Play. Tip: You can exclude such installations from the start in the Android settings. .

What to do if you already have the malware installed on your Android?

• Switch your smartphone to airplane mode.

• Inform your provider.

• Set up the third-party lock, if you haven’t already.

• Check whether the SMS has already caused costs to your disadvantage. If necessary, you can obtain proof of costs from the provider.

• Report it to your local police station. Bring your smartphone and ideally screenshots (taking photos with another smartphone), cost statements, etc.

• Start your smartphone in safe mode and see which apps were last / not consciously installed by you. You can then remove these apps and restart the smartphone. The options for starting the smartphone in safe mode can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Usually it is a combination of the power button and the volume bar when restarting the smartphone.

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