Perseverance: Technologically top class thanks to AI

Perseverance: Technologically top class thanks to AI

23. February 2021 0 By Horst Buchwald

Perseverance: Technologically top class thanks to AI

New York, 22.2.2021

NASA’s Perseverance robot , which began studying the Martian surface after landing, has the most AI technologies and capabilities of any Mars rover to date, according to NASA’s Raymond Francis. These include its AI-powered Terrain Relative Navigation system, which helped with post-landing navigation, and the Autonomous Exploration for Gathering Increased Science system, which allows engineers to target and control the rover’s chemistry camera.

Perseverance’s autonomous AI navigation, Francis praises, is a marked improvement over similar software aboard NASA’s Curiosity rover. “With Perseverance, we’ve streamlined the algorithm, we’ve improved its overall capabilities so that we can actually drive continuously,” he said. ” He concludes that Perseverance is the “most technologically advanced robot NASA has ever sent to Mars.” NASA cites $2, 7 billion for construction and development costs. It is the ninth rover to successfully land on Mars since the 1970s; it will spend a Martian year (687 days) on Mars.

The rover will explore an “ancient river delta” on Mars where life may have existed several billion years ago. Hence the “deep drilling” of up to two meters. Scientists hope to find signs of ancient life in the rock.

In space-related news, AI, edge and cloud tools from HPE and Microsoft Azure will be brought to the International Space Station tomorrow to help prepare for future manned exploration missions to Mars. This includes HPE’s second-generation Spaceborne Computer-2, which will provide comprehensive AI and edge computing capabilities to astronauts aboard the ISS.


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