Clearview: “Our growth rate is crazy”

Clearview: “Our growth rate is crazy”

22. March 2021 0 By Horst Buchwald

Clearview: “Our growth rate is crazy”

New York, 3/22/2021

Despite concerns about its technology, Clearview is growing. It is now used by 3,100 law enforcement agencies – up from 600 in January 2020. It is now valued at $109M after raising $17M in funding from investors. “Our growth rate is crazy,” Ton-That exulted.

Clearview’s software can track child molesters. Photos of a young girl who was abused are shown as an example. Using the Clearview app, they were able to match the perpetrator’s face to an Instagram photo and eventually track him down.

While Clearview claims its technology is protected by the First Amendment, the start-up still faces at least 11 lawsuits in Illinois, which has greater protections against the use of a person’s biometric data (also called facial measurements) through its Biometric Information Privacy Act. Clearview attorney Floyd Abrams, an insists, however, that the company is protected by the Constitution because it only collects photos for its database that are publicly available over the Internet.

It is not ruled out that there will soon be imitators. Clearview said it would not open its app to the public, but other companies might. Facebook, for example, is exploring the idea of adding facial recognition to future augmented reality glasses.

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