Apple knows where the magic of EV cars lies

Apple knows where the magic of EV cars lies

6. April 2021 0 By Horst Buchwald

Apple knows where the magic of EV cars lies

New York, 4/5/2021

During an interview on journalist Kara Swisher’s Sway podcast, Apple CEO Tim Cook referred to the autonomous car as “a robot” that Apple is investigating internally. He said Apple is still taking steps to develop its own autonomous electric vehicle, including the software. But Cook indicated that its experimental projects often “never see the light of day.”

Swisher, a NYT opinion writer, wanted to hear more from Cook about self-driving cars, mentioning Apple’s 2019 acquisition of startup Drive AI, and that Elon Musk had offered to sell Tesla to Apple for 1/10 of its value. However, Cook countered that he “wouldn’t even take a meeting with him.” Cook further stressed he had never spoken to Musk. But he admires him because he has built a company that has been a leader in EVs for many years.

The Apple CEO declined to go into details about Apple’s plans for autonomous cars. However, he said there are many things that can be done with autonomy “and we’ll see what Apple does.”

Asked if it would be technology within a car or a car itself, Cook replied, “We love integrating hardware, software and services and finding the intersection between those because we think that’s where the magic is.”

Apple’s previously known AV ambitions:

● The company has been secretly working on an autonomous vehicle for years.

● It has already developed key software such as the underlying artificial intelligence processors and algorithms, and is testing its robotaxi technology (with a human safety driver) on public roads in California.

● In February, the Financial Times reported that Apple had approached Nissan about a potential partnership to build an autonomous electric vehicle. However, talks broke down after the two sides disagreed over branding.

● The tech giant wanted the vehicle to be branded as an “Apple Car,” but Nissan felt its role would have been reduced to that of a hardware supplier.

● Talks between Apple and Hyundai about a partnership broke down earlier this year for similar reasons.

● In December, it was first reported that the tech giant would like to produce an “Apple Car” with its own battery technology in 2024.

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