Tempo benefits from fitness market

Tempo benefits from fitness market

21. April 2021 0 By Horst Buchwald

Tempo benefits from fitness market

San Francisco, 4/21/2021

Tempo, a company that sells a machine learning-based gym system, has raised $60 million to capitalize on the fast-growing home fitness market. The company’s computer vision technology and algorithms provide feedback on a person’s workout.

Tempo’s $1,995 fitness system includes a motion-capture system that creates 3D models of a person’s body with more than 80,000 points. Advanced AI focuses the data on 25 essential joints, which the system then tracks to count repetitions and analyze a person’s form.

There are live classes with trainers as well as on-demand classes where an AI system provides feedback and visual cues.

Tempo says it will use the funding to expand its content through a second production studio.

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