IBM announces new AI products

IBM announces new AI products

17. May 2021 0 By Horst Buchwald

IBM announces new AI products

New York, 5/17/2021

IBM announced new AI products for businesses/organizations at its Think conference. The IBM event was so heavily focused on artificial intelligence that Forbes called it “All Things AI.”

Key announcements:

IBM unveiled Project CodeNet, an open-source dataset designed to teach AI/ML systems how to understand and translate code. It consists of 14 million code examples, 500 million lines of code and more than 55 programming languages. It can translate legacy code bases into modern languages.

Watson Orchestrate uses AI to “select and sequence pre-built capabilities” to complete tasks. It automates business tools from Salesforce, Slack and others to help employees with routine tasks like scheduling meetings and filling out to-do lists. This “personal digital twin” is in preview now, with general availability later this year.

Mono2Micro in WebSphere uses AI to move large enterprise applications to the cloud. It will be added to WebSphere Hybrid Edition.

New AI capabilities have been added to IBM Cloud Pak for Data that are designed to reduce the complexity and cost of curating data for AI/ML workloads. One is AutoSQL, an automation tool for integrating and managing data. It uses AI to “deliver answers to distributed queries faster” and at a lower cost, IBM said.

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