Google announces 4th generation TPU -AI – chips

Google announces 4th generation TPU -AI – chips

24. May 2021 0 By Horst Buchwald

Google announces 4th generation TPU -AI – chips

San Francisco, 5/15/2021

Google announced its fourth generation Tensor Processing Unit AI chips, which it says deliver twice the performance of previous TPUs. The TPU v4 chips can be combined into pods of 4,096, creating supercomputers capable of delivering more than 1 exaflop of computing power.

A single pod supercomputer can deliver the same performance as 10 million connected laptops at peak performance, CEO Sundar Pichai said. This, he said, is “the fastest system we’ve ever deployed at Google and a historic milestone for us.”

The pods, or clusters of TPUs, outperform previous-generation TPUs in AI/ML workloads such as object recognition, natural language processing, image classification, machine translation and more.

Soon, Google will have dozens of v4 pods available in its machine learning data centers. The pods are also expected to be available to cloud customers later this year.

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