Surprise from Microsoft: AI chatbot for

Surprise from Microsoft: AI chatbot for

6. June 2021 0 By Horst Buchwald

Surprise from Microsoft: AI chatbot for

San Francisco, 6/6/2021

Microsoft will reportedly introduce an AI chatbot for The “chat” agent will be similar to Cortana before Microsoft decided to reposition it as an enterprise-focused assistant.

The chatbot, based on Microsoft’s bot framework, will communicate and help users with their Bing search results.

The assistant appears next to the search button as a “chat” icon to provide conversational search information, similar to Google Assistant in Google Search.

Windows Latest found that the bot has chat capabilities, but they are limited to the information it finds. For example, the publication searched for “Windows 10” and the bot began casually talking about its new computer and the latest Windows version.

“Chat” is reportedly the successor to Microsoft’s Bing InfoBot, which was never released for general use. That bot could answer questions by pulling information from Web sites.

Microsoft has not yet announced when the updated Bing bot will be generally available.


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