Arpara presents two new VR headsets

Arpara presents two new VR headsets

13. June 2021 0 By Horst Buchwald

Arpara presents two new VR headsets

Shenzen, 6/13/2021

Chinese company arpara has unveiled two new VR headsets equipped with micro OLED displays. The arpara VR tethered headset is available for pre-order now, while the all-in-one VR headset is listed as available soon.

Both devices feature two 1.03-inch micro OLED displays with a resolution of 2560 x 2560 pixels, offering a combined resolution of 5K x 2.5K.

The tethered headset, which costs $599 and will ship in August, can connect to computers, game consoles and phones. It offers a 95° viewing angle, 120Hz refresh rate and 3514 PPI, but requires Nolo’s tracking solution for 6DoF.

The upcoming standalone headset runs on the Qualcomm XR2 platform and supports inside-out 6DoF head and hand tracking. It features a 95° FOV and 90Hz refresh rate, along with wired and wireless streaming for PC VR gaming.

Arpara also announced arparaland, its virtual social platform that will allow users to create virtual items, customize avatars and mint digital assets as NFTs for auctions. It will go live in August.


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