Now on Facebook: TextStylBrush

Now on Facebook: TextStylBrush

16. June 2021 0 By Horst Buchwald

Now on Facebook: TextStylBrush

San Francisco, 6/16/2021

Facebook announced TextStyleBrush, an AI-based research project that can recreate handwriting based on a photo. According to Facebook, it is the first “unsupervised” AI system that can recognize both fonts and handwriting.

Unlike previous AI programs, TextStyleBrush recognizes significantly more fonts and handwriting, even when backgrounds and angles are less than ideal.

Facebook sees a lot of potential in areas like personalized messaging and captions for creative self-expression. Users could turn their own handwriting into an original font, for example.

The company has posted details about the method and the possibilities on Facebook’s developer portal.

It plans to submit the work to a professional journal, which will be reviewed by experts.

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