Intel starts to catch up

Intel starts to catch up

30. July 2021 0 By Horst Buchwald

Intel starts to catch up

New York, 7/30/2021

Intel has unveiled a roadmap for its future chip technology. The company has set out to overtake rivals TSCM and Samsung and reclaim leadership in the processor industry by 2025.

Intel’s roadmap includes five generations of technology improvements in just four years.
Intel will begin manufacturing new chips for Qualcomm and Amazon later this year. The new chips will use Intel’s new 20A architecture, which reduces the power consumption of each chip. 20A is Intel’s first new transistor architecture in more than 10 years.


Whether Broadwell, Skylake, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake,Rocket Lake – Intel has been quite inventive in naming its processors. But in terms of product innovation, the chip giant fell further and further behind the competition. Experts cite the fact that Intel has been stuck with “14 nm” for the past seven years, while AMD has been shining since 2019 with the Ryzen CPU manufactured in the 7 nm process and Apple already has TSMC manufacture in “5nm”.
So now the new start. In the fall, Alder Lake will appear on the basis of 10 nm++. The server counterpart Saphire Rapids will follow at the beginning of 2022.
Intel has also already presented the first customers as a contract manufacturer. They are Amazon’s cloud division AWS and the chip company Qualcomm.

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