AI dominates in the Bay Area

AI dominates in the Bay Area

17. September 2021 0 By Horst Buchwald

AI dominates in the Bay Area

San Francisco, 9/17/2021

The Bay Area dominates the AI industry in terms of companies, patents and publications, and is responsible for about a quarter of all AI activity in the U.S., according to a Brookings report.

Another 13 metropolitan areas – including New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Seattle – are significant AI clusters or early adopters of the technology.

The above metropolitan areas, including San Francisco and San Jose, account for two-thirds of the country’s AI capabilities and assets.

The other “early adopters” are Washington, D.C.; San Diego; Santa Barbara; Santa Cruz; Seattle; Austin; Raleigh; Boulder; Santa Fe (for Los Alamos Laboratory); and Lincoln, Nebraska (for the University of Nebraska).

Of the 261 metropolitan areas studied by Brookings, more than half had no significant AI activity.

Another ~90 metropolitan areas are “future centers of AI growth” if they can attract more investment, including Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, and Detroit.

Brookings also identified 21 metropolitan areas with notable research capabilities but minimal commercialization. These include Pittsburgh (Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh) and Durham-Chapel Hill in the Research Triangle.

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