USA: AI is being introduced too slowly / Finns have found a solution

USA: AI is being introduced too slowly / Finns have found a solution

19. December 2021 0 By Horst Buchwald

USA: AI is being introduced too slowly / Finns have found a solution

Washington, 12/19/2021

In the U.S., 124 U.S. metro areas have active machine learning and AI-related activities, mostly consisting of universities and a few companies. However, more than 260 U.S. metro areas lag behind and have almost no AI activities or research initiatives.

Most advocates see AI as the next big thing, and it is important to know how AI benefits society as a whole. Thus, city leaders and local business networks need to explore the economic potential of AI more by raising awareness and helping local businesses use the technology to make better decisions.

The problem is: few skilled workers are trained in AI applications. As a result, Ki adoption is slow.

What was once designed only for Finnish citizens can now be used by anyone interested: the Finnish government’s free online AI crash course.

In 2018, Finland launched a free online crash course that covered the topic of artificial intelligence. Its goal: to educate citizens of the northern European nation about the technology. Now the Finns are making the program available to anyone interested.

In Finland, the course has proven successful. Currently, more than 55,000 participants are registered. Compared to some other websites that aim to teach basics of artificial intelligence, the Finnish version seems to be worth your time also thanks to its appealing design.

Topics covered range from philosophical implications to technical issues. A test follows at the end of each section to review what has been learned. Those who want to complete the entire crash course should allow time. Each section takes between five and ten hours on average. The total completion time is given as six weeks.

Germany also lacks AI specialists. To change this, TÜV Rheinland, for example, offers these courses:

This offer is also suitable for getting started:

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