Ki systems: good for older people?

Ki systems: good for older people?

15. February 2022 0 By Horst Buchwald

Ki systems: good for older people?

New York, 2/15/2022

AI systems can benefit older people through remote monitoring, but also pose risks from discriminatory data sets that could harm seniors as a result of ageism, according to a new policy paper from the World Health Organization.

The paper describes how AI algorithms are trained on large data sets that can reflect biases in health care – for example, by underrepresenting older people in those data.

An AI system trained on younger people’s health data may therefore not translate well to older people, affecting their care.

WHO warned that AI could discriminate on a much larger scale than individuals with biases. AI is beneficial to seniors, however, in that it can collect data remotely via body-worn sensors. This offsets the shortage of medical personnel and more data is collected, so AI systems could improve their predictions of disease.

The brief report presents eight considerations organizations should make when developing and using AI technologies in healthcare for the elderly.

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