MyHeritage: animated biographical videos now possible

MyHeritage: animated biographical videos now possible

6. March 2022 0 By Horst Buchwald

MyHeritage: animated biographical videos now possible

San Francisco, 6.3.2022

Online genealogy service MyHeritage used D-ID’s AI technology to launch “LiveStory,” a tool that creates animated biographical videos of a user’s ancestors.

Israel-based D-ID, a specialist in AI-powered “reenactment technology,” has developed AI software that makes photos look like they are moving.

The technology was originally used in a deepfake tool called “Deep Nostalgia,” which MyHeritage launched last year. The latest interaction with the technology takes it a step further, adding audio/speech and animated biographies to the videos.

To use LiveStory, MyHeritage users upload a photo, and D-ID talking portrait technology and a synthetic voice generator automatically create a video with narration based on the user’s text input. Artificial intelligence ensures that the person’s facial features move with the script.

MyHeritage says it does not share images with third parties and automatically deletes all photos (without logging in) to protect user privacy.

In the long term, D-ID’s AI technology could be used to animate digital avatars of people in the 3D metaverse.

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