Now Lapsus$ was also inside Samsung

Now Lapsus$ was also inside Samsung

8. March 2022 0 By Horst Buchwald

Now Lapsus$ was also inside Samsung

Tokyo, 8.3.2022

The hacker group Lapsus$ has claimed responsibility for a security leak at Samsung that gained access to codes for Galaxy-branded smartphones and other technologies.

Samsung said that no personal data was stolen and that it does not expect “any impact on our business or customers.”


In a post claiming responsibility, Lapsus$ claims to have stolen biometric unlock algorithms and bootloader source code for recent Samsung smartphones and tablets.

The data also allegedly includes source code from chipmaker Qualcomm. The hackers claimed to have gained access to 190 gigabytes of data and shared it, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Lapsus$ was also behind the recent Nvidia hack, which demanded a ransom paid in cryptocurrency. The hackers later shared the source code for Nvidia graphics cards and DLSS technology online, as well as the credentials of some Nvidia employees.

Samsung has not confirmed whether Lapsus$ was behind the intrusion or whether the hackers demanded a ransom.

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