Heavy blow from Lapsus$ against Samsung

Heavy blow from Lapsus$ against Samsung

10. March 2022 0 By Horst Buchwald

Heavy blow from Lapsus$ against Samsung

Seoul, 3/10/2022

A report by Bleeping Computer details that the hacker group Lapsus$ has managed to take control of valuable source code as well as encryption keys of South Korean electronics giant Samsung.

According to the report, the group first posted a screenshot of code for Samsung software and then detailed what was exfiltrated from the servers. This included

– Algorithms for all biometric unlocking operations,

– source code for the bootloader of newer Samsung products, and

– all source code for the process of authorizing and authenticating Samsung accounts.

The data is reportedly available as a torrent, with Lapsus$ packing it into compressed files with a total size of almost 190 GB.

It is yet to be seen how consumers will react to this hack. Skepticism spread on the stock exchanges. Although Samsung admitted to the leak in a statement, according to Bloomberg, the claim that it would not affect customers probably did not have a convincing effect, because the stock traded several percentage points lower immediately after it became known. In any case, experts are certain that this is a major blow to one of the world’s biggest electronics brands.

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