TheTuring Award goes to Jack Dongarra

TheTuring Award goes to Jack Dongarra

4. April 2022 0 By Horst Buchwald

TheTuring Award goes to Jack Dongarra

SanFrancisco, 4/4/2022.

Supercomputing pioneer Jack Dongarra has won this year’s Turing Award. The $1 million prize, is called the Nobel Prize of computer engineering. Google provided the funding.

Dongarra, 71, is a professor at the University of Tennessee and a researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Dongarra’s research has focused on the effective use and exploitation of advanced computer architectures. Examples:

He helped establish a common benchmark, LINPACK, for ranking many supercomputers in the world.

He co-founded the Top500 organization, which ranks and details these powerful computers.

The Association for Computing Machinery, which awards the prize, pointed to Dongbarra’s contributions to programming libraries that underlie the processing of algorithms on computers. This has enabled “increasingly powerful computers to solve computationally challenging problems,” according to the award statement. Dongarra designed and developed numerical software that runs on high-performance computers. He has also done work on parallel processing mechanisms.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, funded by the Department of Energy, houses the IBM-built Summit supercomputer. The lab describes Summit as possibly “the world’s smartest supercomputer for solving artificial intelligence problems, including Deep Learning.”

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