Apple slowly expanding production in India

Apple slowly expanding production in India

11. April 2022 0 By Horst Buchwald

Apple slowly expanding production in India

San Francisco, 4/11/2022

Apple announced Monday that it is now producing the iPhone 13 near Chennai in India.

The move is seen as part of Apple’s effort to diversify its supply chain beyond China. Apple supplier Foxconn is also now producing the phone at one of its plants in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. There are also plans to produce iPads in India.

Apple has had the iPhone SE manufactured in India since 2017. Last year, it started production of the iPhone 12. After launching its online store in India in 2020, Apple announced plans to open its first retail store in India by the end of 2021, which has not yet happened.

Background: China accounts for 95.3% of Apple’s global manufacturing base in 2021, while India accounts for only 3.1%. However, Counterpoint Research forecasts that India’s share could rise to 5-7% in 2022.

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