Amazon: Dispute over multi-camera system

Amazon: Dispute over multi-camera system

24. May 2022 0 By Horst Buchwald

Amazon: Dispute over multi-camera system

San Francisco, 5/24/2022

Amazon is now installing AI-equipped cameras in its delivery trucks in the UK. This is reported by British media. Amazon had started this action in the US at the beginning of 2021, where the vehicles were equipped with the multi-camera system of the Californian company Netraydyne.

The system has two cameras, one facing the driver and the other facing the road. It monitors and alerts the driver when an in driver is braking too hard or speeding, for example. It assigns a score based on the driver’s behavior.

Amazon has confirmed that it could use the recordings to make personnel decisions such as firings.


Big Brother Watch, a U.K.-based privacy group, has called on Amazon to stop the installations, calling them “targeted surveillance” and a violation of privacy that has the potential to distract drivers.

Amazon, however, stressed the system is for driver safety. In addition, a company spokesman said , the program has reduced delivery accidents by nearly 50%.

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