The ideal show for robot enthusiasts

The ideal show for robot enthusiasts

3. July 2022 0 By Horst Buchwald

The ideal show for robot enthusiasts


San Francisco, 7/2/2022


Every Friday, you can study the latest in robotics on IEE Spectrum:

Here is a small selection:


This video demonstrates collaborative mobile copying between humans and multi-robots using Omnid’s mobile collaborative robots, or “Mocobots” for short. Key features of the Mocobots include passive compliance for human and payload safety, and precise force control of the end effectors, independent of the potentially imprecise movements of the mobile base.


On this video, hear from Josh, a mechanical engineer at Boston Dynamics. what it means to him to build a robot. His topics: how a robot learns the skills it needs to collaborate meaningfully across different teams.


Researchers from the Max Planck Institute and ETH Zurich, demonstrate how legged robots are taught agile behavior through direct physical demonstration.


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