Facebook: are four profiles enough for elite users?

Facebook: are four profiles enough for elite users?

21. July 2022 0 By Horst Buchwald

Facebook: are four profiles enough for elite users?

San Francisco,7/21/2022

Facebook will allow select users to create up to four additional profiles. This is part of a test to increase engagement on the platform.

The profiles will all be linked to the same main account and will not require the person to use their real name or identity.

For example, a user could have one profile for colleagues and another for friends, with separate feeds for both. Users can switch between profiles with two taps.

The test is a change from Facebook’s long-standing policy requiring “real names” and only a single account and identity, with some exceptions.

Complementing that, Facebook indicated the goal is to “help people customize their experiences based on interests and relationships.”

In response to questions about where Facebook is conducting the testing or how many users will be involved, the company said: that it will not change the way daily active user counts or other metrics are reported.

The experiment comes at a time when Facebook is facing increasing competition and lost users for the first time in late 2021. In February, it released its short video platform Reels to compete with TikTok.

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