Cyber defense – one of the most important trends in AI

Cyber defense – one of the most important trends in AI

6. August 2022 0 By Horst Buchwald

Cyber defense – one of the most important trends in AI

San Francisco, Aug. 6, 2022

Cyber defense, natural language processing, and decision management have been cited as some of the most important trends in AI. The AI industry is expected to upend industries that today have a total value of $2T.

The concept of studying natural languages and showing parallels between the structure of human language and functions in nature is not new, but science has come much closer to realizing this concept with the help of AI. Startups today are helping to connect the dots between human language and biomimicry, paving the way for future health innovations and new drug discovery.

Cyber defense was cited as one of the top trends in AI due to its growing importance. The current war in Ukraine has highlighted that cyberattacks can cause economic and social damage that is difficult to address with short-term solutions. As people rely more and more on data servers, cyber defense becomes more important than ever, and so does AI.

Content creation today is done with the help of online marketing and editing tools. According to the report, AI will play a big role in ideating, shooting, editing and marketing content in the future.

Virtual agents are considered an integral part of customer support. Currently, many companies are experimenting with chatbots to improve the customer experience by shortening the wait time to speak with an agent while reducing costs for the company running these bots.

Self-driving cars, of course, are another massive trend in AI, with virtually every major vehicle manufacturer in the world currently trying to either build or invest in a self-driving vehicle system. It is believed that the industry will be worth $1 million once full autonomy is achieved.

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