Apple replaces Pepsi at Super Bowl

Apple replaces Pepsi at Super Bowl

26. September 2022 0 By Horst Buchwald

Apple replaces Pepsi at Super Bowl

NewYork, 9/26/2022.

According to an announcement by the US professional league, Apple’s streaming service will replace Pepsi after ten years as the money and name sponsor for the annual entertainment spectacle at the NFL finals.

Accordingly, the halftime show at Super Bowl 57 on February 12, 2023, will already be presented by Apple Music.

The deal with the U.S. company runs for several years. Financial details have not been made public. However, experts expect the NFL to collect at least $50 million (around 51 million euros) per year for the sale of the rights.

The Super Bowl is a spectacle that attracts nearly 120 million viewers in the U.S. during prime time. Worldwide, the figure is said to be around 800 million. Although top prices are being charged for commercials and sponsorship, advertisers are not losing money. On the contrary, it’s now a case of chipping away, not spilling the beans.

But Apple is by no means limiting itself to sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show. U.S. media are reporting that the communications giant is also taking part in a bidding war for the broadcasting rights to NFL games. Specifically, the bid is said to be for the “NFL Sunday Ticket,” a package that allows football fans to watch all Sunday NFL games.

As with the Super Bowl, the higher prices for the new generation of iPhones do not seem to be deterring buyers. Apple had refrained from raising prices in the U.S. and China, yet it can be concluded from current buying patterns that the more affluent customers will not be deterred.Those looking for new technological capabilities will only find them in the more expensive devices. Who would have thought: the iphone 14 Pro – Max is the most expensive smartphone – it could soon be the most popular.

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