My Heritage launches “Time Machine” on the market

My Heritage launches “Time Machine” on the market

29. November 2022 0 By Horst Buchwald

My Heritage launches “Time Machine” on the market

San Francisco, 11/29/2022

Genealogy company MyHeritage has launched an AI tool that creates images of a person in different historical periods. The AI tool, Time Machine, went viral on social media as people showed off their AI-generated images.

The tool is based on the Stable Diffusion text-to-image AI generator and technology licensed from Astria AI. To use the app, users upload 10 to 25 facial or full-body photos of a single person.

A free version, available on desktop and mobile browsers, can generate up to 40 images. According to MyHeritage, users can imagine themselves as astronauts, Egyptian pharaohs, medieval knights and other historical figures.

Within days of the tool’s launch, users uploaded more than 800,000 photos and created 3.8 million images. MyHeritage is also known for Deep Nostalgia, its AI program that animates old family photos.

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