Biontech: Accelerate drug research with AI

Biontech: Accelerate drug research with AI

11. January 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

Biontech: Accelerate drug research with AI

Berlin, January 11, 2023

As the management of the vaccine company Biontech announced yesterday, it will carry out a takeover in the field of artificial intelligence. The acquisition target is Instadeep, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology company.

The transaction is to be financed by an upfront cash payment of GBP 362 million and Biontech shares. In addition, shareholders are entitled to additional performance-related milestone payments of up to £200m. Biontech further explains that the acquisition is part of the company’s strategy to build world-leading capabilities in AI-driven drug discovery and the development of next-generation immunotherapies and vaccines to address diseases with high unmet medical needs.

Cooperation has existed since 2019

Validated and innovative Biontech-trained AI and ML models will be integrated into Biontech’s research platforms and connected to an integrated automated laboratory infrastructure using Instadeep’s deepchain platform. This should significantly improve throughput in the development of novel drug candidates. Both companies have been working together since 2019.

Biontech CEO Prof. Dr. Uhur Sahin comments: “Since Biontech was founded, we have focused on using computational solutions to develop personalized immunotherapies that can reach as many patients as possible. The acquisition of Instadeep allows us to leverage the rapidly evolving AI capabilities of the… digital world into our technologies, drug and drug discovery, manufacturing and delivery operations. Our goal is to make Biontech a technology company where AI is seamlessly integrated into all aspects of our work.”

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