Why the Indian gaming industry has a bright future

Why the Indian gaming industry has a bright future

13. January 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

Why the Indian gaming industry has a bright future

Horst Buchwald

Berlin, January 12, 2023

As the coronavirus crippled the Indian economy and forced the population to stay at home, many families and singles realized how limited their leisure options were.

What to do? It was obvious that the Indians were taking a closer look at the range of games on offer. Until now, this industry has hardly been noticeable in its niche. But after a moment’s hesitation, the starting shot was fired and the industry experienced rapid expansion. Amazing but fact: For the Indians, online games became an important factor in their free time.

It’s important to note that game developers saw the massive wave of demand coming and adjusted to it. In terms of figures, the experts expect sales of Rs. 136 billion in 2021, which could increase to Rs. 290 billion by 2025.

However, it would be too short-sighted to explain these processes with demand alone. A number of other prerequisites had to be in place: 1. an expansion of the digital infrastructure that the Indian government had been pursuing for years. 2. This has led to a young, higher-income clientele who are open to innovations and who are well versed in the worlds of smartphones and the Internet and are therefore more open to the gaming industry than opposed to it. 3. Cross-platform gameplays and cloud games have become increasingly popular. 4. Cloud-based games have been linked to social media like Instagram , Facebook and Reddit. 5. The hardware side was not neglected either. This means such important factors as higher speed and scalability. This is the only way to implement content on multiple devices.

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