AI Weapons Deal?

AI Weapons Deal?

17. February 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

AI Weapons Deal?

Brussels, 1.2.2023

Representatives from the US, China and dozens of other nations are expected to attend the first-ever Summit on Responsible Military Artificial Intelligence, taking place this week in The Hague.

According to Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra, the event is a “first step” in global discussions about the responsible use of AI by the military.

The Netherlands and South Korea are co-hosts of the summit, which takes place on Wednesday and Thursday. The Russian Federation was not invited because of the war in Ukraine.

According to Reuters, the summit could be a first step towards the future creation of an “international arms deal” using AI technologies, although that’s likely years away.

Some topics that could be discussed are the use of AI to speed up military decision making and how the technology can identify targets.

We are moving in an area that we do not know, for which we have no guidelines, rules, frameworks or agreements,” said Hoekstra. “But we’ll need them sooner rather than later.”

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