Nvidia: new cloud – services for companies

Nvidia: new cloud – services for companies

25. March 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

Nvidia: new cloud – services for companies

Sn Francisco, 3/25/2023

Nvidia announced new enterprise cloud services to build and deploy their own custom language and generative AI models. Nvidia unveiled the publicly hosted cloud services during its GPU Technology Conference (GTC) on Tuesday, when the company made a series of announcements focused on AI technologies. “We’re in the iPhone moment for AI,” said Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang.

Morningstar, Shutterstock and Getty Images are among the companies using Nvidia AI Foundations services to build and use AI models based on their own data and needs.

AI Foundations includes three services:

Nvidia’s NeMo voice service and its image, video, and 3D service Picasso enable companies to build generative AI apps for things like content creation and chat and customer support.

Nvidia BioNeMo, launched in 2022, now has new models. The cloud service et generative AI for use in areas such as drug discovery and biological research.

According to Nvidia, each cloud service comes with pre-trained AI models, as well as data processing frameworks, inference engines, APIs, support and more.

The NeMo and Picasso services run on Nvidia’s newly launched DGX cloud service, which allows companies to access its AI supercomputers and software via a web browser to train AI models.

Also at GTC, Nvidia announced that its DGX H100 AI computing systems have reached full production and will soon be launched for enterprise customers. DGX H100 consists of eight Nvidia H100 GPUs.

Meanwhile, about half of all Fortune 100 companies have installed DGX AI supercomputers, which Huang calls “modern AI factories.”

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