Jama – Study: ChatGPT more empathetic than AI doctors

Jama – Study: ChatGPT more empathetic than AI doctors

3. May 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

Jama – Study: ChatGPT more empathetic than AI doctors

New York, 5/2/2023


According to a study in JAMA Internal Medicine, a panel of medical professionals found that ChatGPT provided better quality and more empathetic answers to patient questions than human doctors 79% of the time. The study does not say that AI would or should replace doctors.

Lead author John W. Ayers, Ph.D., MA, argues that AI assistants could be useful for providing medical advice, given that doctors’ inboxes are often overflowing and patient emails go unanswered.

Researchers randomly collected 195 questions and answers from Reddit’s r/AskDocs, a community of verified medical professionals, and had ChatGPT answer the same questions.

Responses were evaluated for quality and empathy by a panel of three licensed medical professionals who were unaware of whether the responses came from a human or an AI.

In addition to favoring ChatGPT responses, the panel rated the AI responses as good or very good quality 79% of the time, compared to just 22% of the doctors’ responses.

45% of ChatGPT responses were also rated as empathetic or very empathetic, as opposed to just 5% of physician responses.

Experts still warn that ChatGPT is not a doctor, and medical practices should be cautious about delegating clinical responsibility to AI chatbots.

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