GPTZero debunks any text written with ChatGTP

10. May 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

GPTZero debunks any text written with ChatGTP

San Francisco, 5/10/2023

AI Generated Text Detector GPTZero has launched a browser extension that can detect if online text was written by AI.

The new tool Origin was developed to fact-check online media and will eventually be able to fact-check sources of information, according to GPTZero.

Developed by Princeton University student Edward Tian, GPTZero has now been launched on the Google Chrome Store. The browser extension allows users to highlight text on web pages to verify that it was generated by AI.

Tian announced, “We will fact-check every sentence on a website. If Origin identifies text as AI-generated, we will examine the reference to determine whether it is true or false.”

GPTZero’s team of 10 is currently in talks with the BBC and industry executives, including former New York Times CEO Mark Thompson, about potential partnerships for AI detection and analysis to support journalism.

The company also recently raised $3.5 million in funding co-led by Uncork Capital and Neo Capital. GPTZero has attracted 1.2 million registered users since its launch in January. It reportedly has an accuracy rate of 99% for human text and 85% for AI text.

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