Pew Research Center: which jobs are Ki-loaded?

Pew Research Center: which jobs are Ki-loaded?

28. July 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

Pew Research Center: which jobs are Ki-loaded?

New York, 7/27/2023

According to an analysis by the Pew Research Center, 19% of American workers are employed in jobs that are highly exposed to AI, with higher educated individuals, women and Asians being more at risk.

When technology can fully perform or help workers’ most important tasks, their jobs are said to be “more exposed to AI.”

The results show that 23% of workers have jobs with minimal AI exposure, such as firefighters and nursing assistants, while nearly six in 10 workers have varying levels of AI exposure. Women (21%) are more likely to be exposed to significant AI exposure than men (17%) due to different job types. Asians (24%) and Whites (20%) are more exposed than Blacks (15%) and Hispanics (13%). Those with a bachelor’s degree or higher (27%) are more than twice as likely to have the highest exposure to AI as those with a high school degree (12%).

Highly exposed jobs are usually in well-paid areas. They are required to have critical thinking, analytical skills and computer skills because AI mimics human cognitive abilities. Conversely, jobs that involve nursing and physical activities have less AI exposure. Although office jobs are more likely to be impacted by AI, the analysis did not consider AI-powered machines or robots, which are more likely to replace workers in areas such as warehousing and manufacturing.


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