Companies with high Ki scores do better

Companies with high Ki scores do better

3. August 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald


Companies with high Ki scores do better


San Francisco, 8/3/2023

A new study finds that companies whose workforces are most exposed to generative AI outperform the market.


The study, titled “Generative AI and Firm Values,” by researchers from UCLA and the University of Southern California, delved deeply into ChatGPT’s impact on the stock market. The results show that companies with a greater integration of GenAI technologies are superior to those with lower AI shares because they achieve significantly higher productivity gains.

In particular, industries such as finance, professional services, and technology, where employees are more exposed to AI integration, showed statistically significant outperformance compared to their peers.

The positive effects of AI adoption can be seen not only in technology, but also in industries such as insurance.

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