Amazon: Experiments with two very powerful robots

Amazon: Experiments with two very powerful robots

22. October 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

Amazon: Experiments with two very powerful robots

San Francisco, 10/20/23

Amazon is experimenting with new AI and robotics technologies to improve the automation of its warehouses, keep workers safe and speed up deliveries.

Two new robots are being tested:

– Digit, a bipedal robot developed by Agility Robotics that performs various physical tasks such as squatting, bending and grasping objects. Amazon will initially begin testing Digit to help warehouse workers with container recycling.

– Sequoia is a robotic inventory processing system that was recently launched at an Amazon warehouse in Houston. Sequoia combines various robotics and technology systems, including mobile bots, portals, robotic arms and more ergonomic workstations.

According to the Wall Street Journal, AI technology sorts inventory into bins for employees, potentially increasing product retrieval speed by 75% and order fulfillment by 25%.

Amazon said it now has a workforce of over 750,000 robots that work alongside human employees to handle more repetitive tasks.

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