28 governments signed the Bletchley Declaration

28 governments signed the Bletchley Declaration

2. November 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

28 governments signed the Bletchley Declaration

London, November 2, 2023

Nearly 30 governments have signed a declaration recognizing the potentially catastrophic risks of AI. The approximately 1,300-word document describes some of the potential risks of advanced AI models and ways to mitigate them.

The Bletchley Declaration, launched on Wednesday during the UK AI Security Summit, calls for international guidelines to address AI risks. However, there are no concrete regulations.

The declaration, named after the historic park where the AI summit is taking place, aims to promote global cooperation in areas such as AI security, accountability and scientific research.

It highlights the intentional or unintentional problems that could arise from border AI, with a focus on cybersecurity, biotechnology and disinformation.

The countries have also agreed to hold further global meetings on AI.

South Korea is co-hosting a virtual AI summit in the next six months, and France will hold an in-person summit in 2024.

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