Amazon eliminates 180 jobs in the gaming division

Amazon eliminates 180 jobs in the gaming division

14. November 2023 0 By Horst Buchwald

Amazon eliminates 180 jobs in the gaming division
San Francisco, November 24th 2023

Amazon has cut around 180 jobs in its gaming division as part of a broader restructuring. The company is shutting down its Crown Channel on Twitch and its Game Growth team to refocus on Prime Gaming.

The vice president of Amazon Games, Christoph Hartmann, had already pointed out that the aim of the restructuring was to focus the company on areas with great growth potential. This also includes Prime Gaming, a service that offers Prime subscribers free games every month.

In the US, 24% of video game subscription users say they use Amazon Prime Gaming and 18% are likely to use it again. Prime Gaming has a 67% brand awareness among video game subscription users, with 26% expressing likeability for the service. In terms of excitement, 25% of gaming subscription users in the US said they heard about Amazon Prime Gaming in the media, social media or advertising in the last few months.

The gaming job cuts also include layoffs in Amazon’s streaming and podcast divisions. This is the second round of cuts at Amazon this year, with around 100 jobs being cut in the first round in April. In total, the company has cut an estimated 27,000 jobs since last fall.

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